Friday, September 2, 2011

Back after my hiatus

I've decided to start up this blog again. Unfortunately, either my http site was hijacked, or I let it expire - either way is now some watch sales site, with a WhoIs located somewhere in India. It really sucks - I liked having that domain name. Now I'm stuck with the blogspot address. I'm going to look into it with my registrar, but I imagine there's not much I can do - I probably let it go expired. Really mad at myself for that one!

Anyway, I thought I'd start with a classic, as a "Hats off" to Mr. Gerald Genta, who just recently passed away.

There's something about the Patek Nautilus that's just incredible. But I can't really figure out what. While the watch is more commonly seen in stainless steel, I've found a great photo of a gold one, with a beautiful black face. There's just something about it that's timeless and awesome. Although it's a classic Patek design, it really looks like no other watch they make. I don't know why I like this watch so much, part of me thinks it's ugly, with the weird protrusions on either side of the case, the too-wide bezel, and the odd shape to the face (it looks square with rounded edges, but I think it's actually octagonal with rounded edges). But all the design elements seem to fit together for some reason. The bracelet, I think, perfectly complements the shape of the face, and somehow the thickness of the bezel seems to work. The simple, classic face and hands is something I often look for in a watch.

Anyway, it's really about the way the elements fit together with this one.

(credit to for the photo - they're auctioning off this watch next month).