Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First of the Divers'

OK, I should be working. Or talking about a specific diver's watch. But Antiquorum ( is having their auction this week. I wish I was there. Their online catalog is insane - I've been lustfully leering at some of the watches that are going on the block this week. The Antiquorum fine watch auction is easily the most amazing collection of watches sold in one spot at one time - it's the Barrett-Jackson of watch auctions. There are literally hundreds of watches I'd love to own.

So this week's Diver's watch comes from that auction. It's not something you see every day, and it's a hard core diver's watch. With this watch on your wrist, every one will know you are a diver. If you're wearing this watch without being a diver, you're a bit excentric - it's just so huge, so focused on diving, that people will wonder a bit about you.

The watch fulfils all of my criteria for a diver's watch. The face is black. It has a metal band. It also comes with an original Omega rubber strap, and a spare link bracelet, so you know you're not messing around here. The watch is waterproof to 600 m, which is more than enough for anyone diong diving.

The watch is just massive. It has a huge, easy to read graduated bezel. There's a huge (easy to operate with gloves on) red button for locking the bezel. So if you set the bezel, and push the button, the bezel won't turn, in either direction. No mistakes. The winding crown is at 9:00, which is unusual, and it's heavily protected - look at those massive crown guards! It's also a screw-down crown.

The minute hand is bright orange - you'd have no problems seeing this in any light situation. The second and hour hands are also big and easy to read.

This watch has an automatic movement. Easy to read minute and hour markings. A big, bold, luminescent markign at 12. And what appears to be luminescent markings on the rotating bezel (something I haven't seen before).

This is a serious watch. My only concern is its size 55 mm wide!!! - if you're not diving, this would be awkward, and probably very heavy to wear. It's got that cool retro 70's feel to it, though - you know this watch has seen some interesting sights in its time.

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